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Here is what other contractors or Oil and Gas companies are saying about Precision Welding and Fabrication:

"Your company's success and growth is most admirable. The success can only be attributed to God's blessings to an honest man who treats others as he wants to be treated. It appears your team has seen the benefits of your honesty and trust and attention to US workmanship from an era when US companies produced the best the world could find. Congratulations on another year of success and satisfied clients with prayers for your continued succcess."

“Overall good, honest people.”

“Technique/Coflexip: 6 Sub-Sea PLETs & PLEMs
Welding of 10” and 12” (X-65/625 buttered 4130 Carbon/Stl.) Pipeline Piping: The welding of the pressure containing piping for this project was completed with a repair percentage ratio of 1.1% out of 37 x 10” and 12 x 12” welds. Total Weld length= 1,615 inches”

“Mustang/Marathon: 2 Gas Scrubber Skids, Welding of 3” & 2” (Carbon/Stl.) Process Piping:
The welding of the pressure containing piping for this project was completed with a repair percentage ratio of 0.8% (8/10ths of 1%) out of 270 welds. Total Weld length = 2,246 inches.”

“Anadarko (24 man) Living Quarters Building & Heli-Deck: Welding of Heli-deck (Carbon/St.) Fuel Lines: The welding of the heli-deck fuel lines was completed with no repairs out of 25 welds, 19 shop and 6 in position on outer walls of the quarters building. Total Weld length = 235 inches."

“Thank you . . . It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope we get to work together on another project.”

“I want to emphasize that PRECISION WELDING has several field crews fully equipped to work in the harshest environments. This manpower is predominantly focused on installation and field repair service. In this frame they have remarkable domestic and international experience at oil refineries, petrochemical plants, etc.”

“I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness and the attention you have given this small project. It has been and continues to be a real pleasure to deal with you. I look forward to working with you in the future on even larger projects.”

“This letter is to thank you for your help in getting our hastalloy plate rolled for an emergency repair to one of our vessels. The failure happened on January 5th. With your help we had the material on January 6th. We appreciate your help in getting this done. Your contribution greatly expedited our completion.”

“Precision Welding has provided outstanding service. It has been a pleasure working with a safe and reliable contractor. We look forward to future projects with Precision Welding.”


Industries Served

Precision Welding & Fabrication serves a full range of rapidly growing and mature industries.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Industrial
  • Defense
  • Petro-chemical